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St. Martin & St. Barthelemy by Catamaran

A Culinary, Sea and Island Experience 

January 15-22, 2022

8 days, 7 nights

Starting and Ending in Anse Marcel, St. Martin

Meals, Drinks & Accommodations Included

Group Size: Limited to 10 people

Join us for an unforgettable week on a private luxury catamaran, exploring beautiful French islands as you ride in style through calm, turquoise Caribbean waters. Experience the art, culture, food and wine of France, but in a warm, laid-back and tropical setting. Whether it be the fluffy white sand beaches, the chic seaside villages with world-class restaurants and elegant boutiques, or the sumptuous yacht-life, something about this little corner of paradise is bound to steal your heart.

Small group, 10 people max, plus 2 guides and 2 crew.

From $5295

(per person, double occupancy)

The Yacht


Truly a floating villa, this high-end catamaran is the epitome of elegant luxury. With spacious cabins, indoor/outdoor lounges, high-end furniture and fixtures, teak floors, and plush bedding, you will enjoy the highest quality of comfort and style. Along with a world-class captain and two expert guides, on board we have our own private chef, who serves up imaginative local dishes with fresh, seasonal ingredients. And we don't stop at incredible food -- the yacht is stocked with a stunning selection of wines from Rachel's portfolio, with a focus on her French wineries.

Photos and videos are for representation purposes only. These images portray the same brand, model, make and size of the yacht we will be chartering.

  • 58’ Ultra Luxury Motor-Sail Catamaran

  • 6 Cabins, each with A/C, Private Entrance, Large Windows & Skylights, & Full Ensuite Bathrooms

  • Maximum of 10 guests, and 2 Guides 

  • New, Sleek, Modern Design

  • World Class Skipper and Private Chef

  • Multiple Spacious Sun Decks 

  • Several Outdoor Day Beds

  • Indoor/Outdoor Dining

  • Indoor Living Room and Kitchen 

  • Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Snorkels, and more

  • Open Wine Bar 24/7

  • High Speed WiFi All Over 

  • Board Games, Cards

  • Brand New Rib Tender


You're stretched out on a soft daybed, with the sun warming your face as you breathe in what can only be described as gloriously fresh, balmy air. The sea is gently rocking the boat beneath you, accompanied by the occasional sound of a splash - those are the baby-waves kissing the side of the catamaran, your catamaran. You discern the distant laughs of your fellow travelers as they play in the turquoise water, excited and carefree as children. You'll be caught-up on the stories later over dinner, and laugh together. But for now, you're too relaxed, too blissed-out to join them. You hear the soft padding of bare feet approaching and you open your eyes, squinting through the sun as someone comes into focus, delivering a glass of wine, your glass of wine. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better. Your face breaks into a smile and you are reminded, once again, how happy you are to be here!

The Islands



You'll see the best of St Martin (the French side), the culinary capital of the Caribbean, also famous for its breathtaking beaches and colorful towns, and St Barth's, which is a seductive blend of European sophistication, natural beauty and relaxed island charm.​ You will meet locals, partake in a cooking class, enjoy intimate wine tastings, sip on the tastiest mojitos, paddleboard or snorkel in crystal-clear waters, indulge in a gastronomy tour, and so much more. Leave your worries behind and experience life in rosy hues, or as the song goes,"la vie en rose!"



Subject to change

Day 1: St Martin | Anse Marcel

Meet at our catamaran in the beautiful Anse Marcel marina at 5pm, where Rachel and Alex will be waiting for you with a bottle of champagne. You will be shown to your cabins to unpack, settle in and then reconvene up top for some appetizers and an introduction to the magical week ahead! 

Our first chef-prepared dinner is to follow, where the wine will be flowing.


Enjoy the evening in this peaceful marina where you can take a leisurely stroll along the water to check out the seaside bars, or venture into the charming downtown which is only a few minutes away by foot. Alternatively, you can relax on board, sipping wine while enjoying the stars and the sound of the ocean from one of the boat's many deck-lounges.


Day 2: St. Martin | Tintamarre Island

After breakfast, we set off just to the north, to a beautiful gem called Tintamarre, an island belonging to St Martin which has a fascinating history of contraband, piracy and crazy kings. Explore the uninhabited 2.5 square mile island, which boasts magnificent views and a gorgeous white powder beach. You can paddleboard, hike or luxuriate on the tropical postcard-worthy shores. Some of the best snorkeling surrounds a reef that you can easily access from the beach, where you will get to swim with the many sea turtles that reside here.

We will enjoy a fresh, chef-prepared lunch as we float atop transparent turquoise waters, and then continue on to explore some of the surrounding islands. Our relaxing afternoon will be followed by a fun-filled wine dinner on board.


Day 3: St. Barth | Anse de Colombier & Gustavia

After breakfast, we will make the 3-hour journey to St Barthelemy, or St Barth/St Barts for short. This chic French island is sometimes referred to as "Billionaires Island" and hosts many a celebrity. Though it may sound pretentious, it's not. It's maintained plenty of its Caribbean island-charm, with a refreshing blend of French Riviera Mediterranean-vibes. It exudes a sophisticated yet blissful, laid-back "je ne sais quoi" that you might just fall in love with.


We will arrive in time for lunch in the extraordinary bay of Anse de Colombier where we will dine as we gaze onto shades of vibrant turquoise and a glittering beach. Towering lush green hills frame the background, speckled by cacti, rocky ledges and the occasional tribe of wild mountain goats. This beach is only accessible by (a steep!) hike or by boat, so you will feel as though you've happened upon an exclusive treasure. The afternoon is ours to savor this paradise, until we are ready to sail onward.


Before dinner, we'll take a short cruise south, wrapping around the Southwest corner of the island until we reach its main town, Gustavia. Rachel and Alex have planned dinner out at their favorite restaurant here with some local friends, who will also be guiding us around the island tomorrow. Eat, drink and be merry as we enjoy our first evening out in this buzzing historical seaside town!

Day 4: St Barth | Gustavia & Island Tour

We will enjoy breakfast on board the yacht in this vibrant marina, sipping on hot morning beverages while we watch the idyllic red-roofed village come to life. The islanders zip through on their mopeds or golf carts, on their way to work. The shopkeepers sweep the tree-lined sidewalks out front, and locals saunter by with bunches of bakery-fresh baguettes in their rattan market baskets. Further off in the water, fishing boats glide across the horizon to deliver their morning catches to the open-sided fish market on the other side of the harbor.

By the time you've finished eating your breakfast, you'll be anxious to go join in the action. Step off onto the pretty harbor promenade, and then meander through the cobbled streets. Here, you can do some designer shopping, browse local boutiques, wander through art galleries, or sit at one of the many French café-bakeries for some good old-fashioned people-watching. Many of the shops close in the early-afternoon for a few hours, so this will be the perfect time to meet back up at 1pm for a chauffeured tour around the island with our local friends. We will start with lunch at a magical restaurant on the hilltop overlooking St Jean, followed by a fun afternoon of exploration to other parts of the island.

We will head back to the boat at 4pm for some downtime or swimming, and at 5:30pm, whoever is up for it can join us for a short walk to the nearby beach for a picnic-style French Rosé-Tasting with Rachel. Sip on a freshly-made mojito or partake in the rosé-tasting as the sun begins to set, caribbean beats play in the background and beautiful people walk by. At around 7pm we will head back to the boat for dinner followed by either a quiet evening on board, or a night out on the town.

Day 5 : St Barth | Ile Fourchue

Breakfast on board and one last chance to buy souvenirs or snap photos in Gustavia. Then we set off for Ile Fourchue, a deserted volcanic island that belongs to St Barth, but sits conveniently in between St Barth and St Martin.


Once we anchor in the protected bay, we will have lunch and then free-time to play in the water, or paddleboard, kayak or tender to the beach. From here, you can hike up to a viewpoint, or go park yourself on the soft sand and just breathe in the moment. Snorkeling at Ile Fourchue is not to be missed, thanks to its amazingly clear water with seemingly infinite visibility. You will see a vast array of colorful fish, as well as an abundance of sea turtles.

Our chef will give us an optional cooking class in the late afternoon, which will become our dinner! After the cooking class, as our chef sneaks around the corner to dump our food-prep overboard so he can remake our dinner (kidding!), Rachel will provide an informal and hands-on food and wine pairing tutorial, followed by a glorious dinner under the stars in this peaceful bay.


Day 6: St Martin | Ilet Pinel


Waking up in this tranquil cove is so wonderful that you won't want to leave. So we won't - not until after lunch, that is! Spend the morning enjoying the water and/or beach, and then we will set sail for St Martin.

In 2.5 hours, we will approach the island of Pinel. It's a small tropical oasis just off the coast of St Martin, with water that looks like a swimming pool. Unlike some of the deserted islands we've been visiting, this one has a few restaurants and shops, and the main beach even has lounge chairs for rent. You may be able to book a massage in the open-air palm huts at the corner of the beach. We've (purposely) arrived after the morning ferry-tourists have left for the day, so we only have to share this island paradise with the dozen-or-so other yachts. That being said, if you want some privacy, you can always tender or hike over to one of the island's other beaches which will likely be empty.


Later in the afternoon, take a walk down a botanical path where you might bump into some iguanas, and end up at a lookout point for a spectacular sunset. Make your way back to the boat for dinner and a chilled-out night. By now you'll be on island-time and will be more than happy to kick back with a nice drink, over a good conversation, simply enjoying the here-and-now.

Day 7: St Martin | Grand Case


We will eat breakfast and enjoy the early morning on Ilet Pinel, and then take off for Grand Case, on the mainland of St Martin. This is going to be a real treat because Grand Case is the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. Not to mention, it is home to some of the prettiest beaches on the island.

Upon arrival we will be greeted by a jeep and (optional) ATV's as we embark on a culinary tour with an eccentric local gastronomy expert. We will eat our way around the most important food-spots in Grand Case, tasting local dishes like fish fritters and BBQ lobster, all the while learning a fascinating local history and culture.

We end up back at the marina at around 2pm, where you can have free time to walk around, shop, visit the "parfumerie" where you can create your own scent, or relax on the catamaran. By 4pm you should head back to the boat to start packing, if you haven't already, and then we will meet up top at 5pm for one last wine-tasting, followed by a captain's farewell dinner (dress in white and blue if you'd like!) complete with music and festivities.

Day 8: Anse Marcel

In the morning, we make the 25-minute cruise back to the other side of the island where it all began, Anse Marcel. We'll have our last delicious breakfast on board, say our goodbyes and disembark by 10am. We will have arranged hotel or airport transfer for you.


Thank you and au revoir, until we meet again!

Optional Add-On: 3-Day Villa! Please Inquire for Details.



Pricing Information


Standard (Center Cabins) - Starting at $5295/person, depending on week of travel
Premium (Right and Left-Side Cabins) - Starting at $5495/person, depending on week of travel

Please note: prices are for double occupancy.


Prices include the following:

- 8 days / 7 nights accommodations on the yacht

- All breakfasts, lunches* and dinners for the duration of the trip (*except two lunches)

-Transportation to/from all scheduled destinations, from pick-up in

Anse Marcel to drop-off in Anse Marcel

- All scheduled tastings and tours

- All scheduled excursions

- Beer, wine and tequila on the yacht

- Cooking class on the yacht


Prices do not include:

- Airfare

-Tips for crew, guides

-Two Lunches

Book this tour!

If you have any questions, or would like to book this tour, please reach out to us using our contact form. Thank you, and we hope to travel the world with you soon!

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