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October 16 - 23, 2021

8 days, 7 nights

Starting and Ending in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Meals, Drinks & Accommodations Included



The Sea of Cortez is a strikingly beautiful destination, with its rugged islands juxtaposed against a dazzling turquoise sea and an immaculate blue sky. On board a private luxury Catamaran, you will experience and explore this paradise, which is renowned for its abundance of marine life. In fact, Jacques Cousteau famously nicknamed these waters "The World's Aquarium." Sea lions, whale sharks, dolphins and sea turtles will be a common sight.  If we're lucky, we may also spot blue whales, grey whales, pilot whales and/or humpback whales - all of which may complete their annual migration to the Baja Peninsula as early as October.

As we sail up the coast and around the islands, you will be immersed in a vibrant culture, known for its fresh, flavorful cuisine, its bright, colorful art, its warm, friendly people, and its rich traditions steeped in history. The spirit of this culture culminates in lively fiestas and cheerful music, which put forth a contagious joy that you will carry with you long after the trip comes to an end. And here's the best part: you can leave your worries behind as you simply savor the relaxed, slow pace of life in Mexico. We'll take care of the rest.


Besides the comfort of a beautiful yacht, the trip will include an intimate and experienced staff of a private chef, a captain and two guides. Activity highlights include: swimming with majestic whale sharks and playful sea lions;  paddleboarding, snorkeling and kayaking in the most beautiful crystal-clear water you've ever seen; visiting a "pueblo magico" or "magic village" - designated as such for its cultural heritage and scenic beauty - where you can visit art markets, seaside cafes, and boutiques; exploring UNESCO protected islands and pristine beaches, partaking in a private wine tasting aboard the yacht with some of Rachel's own Baja winemakers; learning about the history of tequila during an exclusive tequila tasting, taking part in optional fishing trips, participating in a Mexican cooking class, and much more.

Small group, 10 people max, plus 2 guides and 2 crew.

From $4895

(per person, double occupancy)

The Yacht


  • 52’ Ultra Luxury Motor-Sail Catamaran

  • 6 Cabins, each with A/C, Private Entrance, Large Windows & Skylights, & Full Ensuite Bathrooms

  • Maximum of 10 guests, and 2 Guides 

  • New, Sleek, Modern Design

  • World Class Skipper and Private Chef

  • Multiple Spacious Sun Decks 

  • Several Outdoor Day Beds

  • Indoor/Outdoor Dining

  • Indoor Living Room and Kitchen 

  • Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Snorkels, and more

  • Open Wine Bar 24/7

  • High Speed WiFi All Over 

  • Board Games, Cards

  • Brand New Rib Tender


Truly a floating villa, this high-end catamaran is the epitome of elegant luxury. With spacious outdoor and indoor lounges, high-end finishes and fixtures, teak floors, luxury bedding, and designer furnishings, you will enjoy the highest quality of comfort and style.

The Coast/Islands




Subject to change

Day 1: La Paz

Late afternoon meet-up at a cafe by the La Paz Marina, where our private catamaran will be docked. Embark at approximately 5pm and get shown to your cabins to unpack, settle in and then reconvene up top for some welcome drinks and an introduction to the magical week ahead!


Enjoy the evening in this elegant marina beside a beautiful beach, where you can enjoy a stroll or a dip in the ocean. Return to the yacht for our first chef-prepared dinner of the week as the sun sets and the sky fills with stars. Treat yourself to a nightcap and take in the culture at one of the handful of colorful seaside taverns, or plant yourself on the upper deck for some stargazing.


Day 2: Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida

After breakfast, we set off for the islands to the north. This is the point in our journey, where we can truly disconnect from our typical day-to-day realities. Starting now, and for the next few days, we will be on UNESCO protected deserted islands, where we trade cell service for crystalline turquoise water, emails and social media for swimming with dolphins, sea lions and whale sharks. No city noise or traffic, just the clean breeze on your hair and golden sun on your face. Forget Netlfix, we'll be gazing up at magnificent star-filled skies, enjoying one another's company while savoring wines that make the soul sing.


This initial cruise takes us up the the rocky coast of Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida, both of which are UNESCO protected national parks. We will stop along the way to enjoy secret coves and hidden beaches. We will eat fresh seafood for lunch and then anchor at the stunning Ensenada Grande, a popular anchorage, famous for its towering rock formations, white sand beaches and supreme snorkeling. This day can be pure relaxation, pure activity or anything in between. Dinner and wine tasting onboard.

Day 3: Los Isletas & San Evaristo


After breakfast, we will head to what is referred to as "Los Islotes," a collection of rocky islets, just off the the northwest tip of Isla Partida. This is one of the few places on earth where you can swim with sea lions in a natural setting, or even just observe their acrobatic dances underwater from afar. You will feel like you have entered a National Geographic documentary! We will have an underwater camera onboard so that you can document these beautiful memories.


When we've had our fill, we will continue on to a quiet beach with iridescent emerald water, where you can snorkel or paddle around with colorful, tropical fish, or just camp out on the powder-white sand with a good book or some games. Here, we will enjoy a beach picnic-lunch followed by an optional hike.


In the early afternoon we set off for San Everisto, a quaint fishing village on the mainland with a calm marina and a smattering of thatched-roof beach huts, one restaurant (Maggie May's) and a store. We will buy some freshly caught fish from one of the villages' many spear-fisherman and eat it (along with plenty of other food-options) for dinner as we sip wine or tequila under the stars in this charming, cheerful village.

Day 4: Isla San Francisco

We will set sail after eating breakfast in San Evaristo and journey toward the beautiful island of San Francisco. Not quite as inhabited as the famous "city by the bay" (in fact, this UNESCO world-heritage site is not inhabited at all), but equally memorable, Isla San Francisco is a visual indulgence. As you feast your eyes on the infinite shades of shimmery turquoise, you will feel like you're looking at a photo that has been edited to full color saturation!

Upon anchoring in this picture-perfect crescent-shaped bay alongside a handful of other yachts, we will have a leisurely lunch onboard. Once your hunger is satiated and you have relaxed for a bit over a good book or a game of cards, you'll be able to enjoy the white-sand beach, walk to the salt-flats, hike around the surrounding rocky, red hills, or snorkel, paddleboard or kayak in the calm, shallow waters.


At around 5pm we'll meet back onboard for a cooking-class, complete with a (very hands-on) wine-pairing class. Unless we royally screw up (easy on the wine!), our fruits of labor will be our dinner! After the meal, enjoy a campfire on the beach and some epic stargazing.

Day 5 : Bahia San Gabriel, Isla Espiritu Santo

Breakfast onboard at Isla San Francisco, after which we will sail down to the glorious San Gabriel Bay, on the island of Espiritu Santo. We've already visited the northern part of this grand island, but now we'll be on the southwestern edge. You will see why we pay more than one visit to this paradise as you gaze upon red cliffs, towering over aquamarine water, glittered with soft white sand beaches. It's as if we are visiting some distant planet. 

Once we reach the bay, we will tuck ourselves into a calm corner which just so happens to be the most beautiful beach on the island. After some water and/or beach time, we will have lunch in this magical setting, before cruising to two great snorkeling/swimming spots, and eventually anchoring for the evening, where we will have a tequila tasting and learn about Mexico's famous spirit.


Day 6: Playa Balandra


After breakfast, we will continue south to the famous Playa Balandra, where you can find seven unspoiled white-sand beaches, as well as the salt lagoon that is home to the much-photographed "El Hongo" ("The Mushroom") rock formation which you may have come across if you ever googled "La Paz." Despite its popularity, we will have much of these vast pools of turquoise blue all to ourselves.


Lunch onboard and relaxation time, followed by a guest winemaker's arrival onto the yacht! Our special guest will have traveled from the Baja California North wine region to spoil us with an exclusive, private wine tasting, along with a fun night of music, festivities and storytelling.

Day 7: La Paz & Todos Santos


We will set sail during breakfast, making our way back to the La Paz marina where our private driver will be waiting for us. We will then be chauffeured 45 minutes southwest, to the Pacific side of the peninsula and into a very special town called Todos Santos. This is a designated "Pueblo Magico" or "Magic Town" due to its historic and cultural significance, as well as its beauty - both natural and architectural. Spend the day enjoying all that this town has to offer, from the art markets and galleries, to the museums, to the colorful cobbled streets and boutique cafes, shops and restaurants. You can join the guides for a scenic walk and lunch, or you can take some great local recommendations and venture off by yourselves. Today is a day to wander and appreciate the buzz of small-town civilization, after being out in the wild for so long, seemingly light-years away from it all!


At around 5pm, we will head back to the marina and pack, before enjoying one last dinner aboard the yacht. As we sit around the table with our chef-prepared culinary delights and wines now-familiar, we can share our favorite stories from the week, of new memories made, for, surely, there will be many.


Day 8: La Paz

Breakfast onboard, 10am disembarkation at the La Paz marina, taxis will be arranged for transport to your hotel, or the airport. Thank you and Farewell, until we meet again!



Pricing Information


Standard (Bottom Center) - $4895/person

Standard Plus (Top & Bottom Right) - $4995/person 

Premium (Top Left) - $5095/person

Premium (Bottom Left) - $5195/person

Please note: prices are for double occupancy.


Prices include the following:

- 8 days / 7 nights accommodations on the yacht

- All breakfasts, lunches* and dinners for the duration of the trip (*except one lunch in Todos Santos)

-Transportation to/from all scheduled destinations, from pick-up in

La Paz to drop-off in La Paz

- All scheduled tastings and tours

- All scheduled excursions

- Beer, wine and tequila on the yacht

- Cooking class on the yacht


Prices do not include:

- Airfare

-Tips for crew, guides

-Lunch in Todos Santos

Book this tour!

If you have any questions, or would like to book this tour, please reach out to us using our contact form. Thank you, and we hope to travel the world with you soon!

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